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TO ORDER A BOOK either post a cheque to Starhaven, 42 Frognal, London NW3 6AG, or send an email to with payment via PayPal using the link: Please add 10% for postage in the UK or £3 per book for international. Cheques should be made payable to S. Martin / Starhaven.

Three Women by Lucy Tertia George, October 2018

The Pool and other poems by Anthony Gardner, September 2018

Consolations by Linda Kelly, 2017

Sonnets / Sonetti
by Emanuele Zoppellari Perale & Chip Martin, 2017

Monstrous Century by Stoddard Martin, 2016

Doubles by Christopher Neve, 2015

Belonging by Eva Tucker, 2014 (incorporating Berlin Mosaic and Becoming English)

True North by Chip Martin, 2013

Paramaribo! by Nigel Ryan, 2012

Dickeyville by Joe Abbott, 2012

Essential Meditations (series)
Percy Bysshe Shelley
selected by Ann Wroe, 2011

Essential Meditations (series)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
selected by John Cornwell, 2011

A School of London by Chip Martin, 2011

Proie by Chip Martin, 2010

Stone Poems
by Douglas Skrief, 2009

The Rivers of Heaven
by Anthony Gardner, 2009

Becoming English by Eva Tucker, 2009

Henry Miller is Under My Bed by Mary Duncan, 2008*

Poems from Dry Creek by John Dofflemyer, 2008
Western Heritage Award as Outstanding Poetry Book of 2008.

Maddalo – a screenplay by Chip Martin, 2006

Encounters with Animals by Simon Burt, 2005

South by Chip Martin, 2005

Berlin Mosaic by Eva Tucker, 2005

Susanna, the Captain & the Castrato – Scenes from the Burney Salon 1779-80 by Linda Kelly, 2004

The Young Romantics – Writers & Liaisons, Paris 1827-37 by Linda Kelly, 2003

The End of the Road by Chip Martin, 2002

English All Over the Place by Gerry Abbott & Bob Jordan, 2001

Arnost by Shelley Weiner, 2001

Float Test by Chip Martin, 2001

Three Journeys in the Levant by Shusha Guppy, 2001

T.I.L.T. (Time is Like Toffee)by Robert Hobhouse, 2000*

The New World Order of Alexander Thynn by the Marquess of Bath, 2000

Liberation in the East by Chip Martin, 2000

Cold War, Common Pursuit, edited by Peter J. Conradi & Stoddard Martin, 1999*

A School of London (three individual volumes) by Chip Martin, 1997-99

The Undead by Chip Martin, 1996

* out of print